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Friday, January 13, 2006

Build content sites to create a revenue

A content site is a web site in which gather articles, paragraphs and documents related to a certain argument. People go there to find informations, and most likely they will be interested in the contestualized ads you are offering to them.

For this reason, adding proper affiliate banners and adsense on a content site is a winning game. On the other hand, a content site requires a lot of time and dedication to write your own original content, and of course you will need your writing skills and knowledge in the field in which you want to contribute.

A good content site anyway needs the proper marketing and must bring fresh content everyday to interest people and create a recurring public that will visit your site everyday. Word of mouth also has a strong power: the more your site will be useful, the more people will know about it and will link it in their blogs, websites etc... thus increasing your popularity and Page Rank (don't you know what page rank is? we will talk about it on a future article).

When opening a new content site, you must first conduct a small market research to see what the competition is already offering and what is already indexed in the major search engines. In fact if you are going to start a content site about a very competitive argument, most likely you won't have success because you won't have the proper visibility.

The best thing for a new content site is to choose your own niche in which your contribution in terms of content will be an added value so will be warmly greeted by the public. Bringing new ideas and new documents about a selected niche is another key to success. Of course this will need your dedition and also a bit of luck, but if you are serious about making money from the net this is the first step.

Another good advice is: don't create a website to make money only. Create a website for your public, make it interesting and unique in its genre. Once you have got the proper traffic, monetizing it is just a simple step of putting the proper ads.

Choosing a good domain name is a plus that you should consider also. We will talk about choosing a good domain name in a further article, because it is an important topic.

Another good tip if you are willing to open a content site is: try to create an online community about it. This means you should open a forum board (you can find free solutions on the net such as phpBB, just google about it), a blog or whatever else. Make alliances with similar websites if possible, for a mutual link exchange. This will benefit both of you if your arguments are similar.

In the next articles we will speak about more arguments about how to create content sites and how to monetize them. Stay tuned!


At 10:03 PM, Blogger minicko said...


what do you think would be the best way of monetizing my website? we have about 300-400 uniques a day. oh and no adsense btw.. we don't get along..

At 10:05 PM, Blogger Falco85 said...

Your idea is great. I think that instead of using adsense you should use press release promotion and get paid to put a picture on your site. It will be a winning bid ;) good luck with your site


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