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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Make search engines index your site and create traffic

Ok, until now we have spoken how to monetize your current traffic, and how content websites can be used to create a revenue.

Today we will speak about a crucial topic, that is create your targeted traffic and make it increase steadily.

In fact, your site lives because of your public, and the more the public is interested in your arguments, the more the odds that your advertisements will be appreciated and clicked by them. That makes a sense, isn't it? You don't need traffic whatever it is. You need targeted traffic interested in your topics.

In order to create this targeted traffic, you will need of course to have original quality content (possibly written from your own) to be displayed, resulting useful to the visitors. Anyway, this is not sufficient to bring you lots of traffic. You need a quality exposure of your website in the major sources of targeted traffic. Nowadays, the major sources from where you can get traffic are search engines, of course!

There are millions of search engines around here, but the most important ones are Google, Yahoo and MSN in this order. Another important website in which check your popularity is Alexa, that ranks the websites up to their curent traffic.

The main question is: how to make the search engines know that your site is alive, and how to make them to crawl it in the better way in order to have a proper indexing in their archives?

There is no exact answer to this question. Every Search Engine (often abbreviated with SE, while SERPS are the "archives" we were talking before) has got its own indexing algorithm (we'll abbreviate it in the future as "algo"), and everyone of them has got different ranking criteria. Furthermore, SEs update their algos on a regular basis and a website that was ranking #1 for many keywords, can drop in the ranking the next day. Let me give you a suggestion about this: don't put all your eggs in a basket . If you just point on a single website and for any reason it falls from the rankings, your efforts will be vain. That's why is better to earn $5/day on several websites instead of $50/day on a single one.

Let me give you some tips that will make search engines acknowledge about your website.

1) Get backlinks : that means that you must have links pointing to your website from other sites, possibly on a different IP class and from websites whose content is related to yours. The higher Page Rank the other sites will have, the more the SEs are indexing their pages and they will note about your link, and the bots will come to your site. Many people obtain links by purchasing them, others by spamming guestbooks (but DON'T do this, because it's SPAM). The better way to obtain links is to create quality content: if your site is interesting, people will link to your website without need that you ask them to do it. You can get some good links as start putting your website URL in forum signatures, if the forums in which you stay allow this practise. For example, Digital Point Forums are a good way to have your site indexed quickly, but don't abuse about your signature and don't put websites with questionable content ;)

2) Create a proper robots.txt file in your server : robots.txt is a file frequently picked up by the search engines, letting them to know if you have content you do not want indexed by the bots. I don't need to reinvent the wheel since there are nice tutorials about robots.txt out there. For example, read this nice robots.txt tutorial .

3) Make your pages correctly linked between them : broken links are penalties for your indexing

4) Use proper meta tags and titles (as said in my previous article)

I have had an interesting trick lately, that you may try. Once you have got good keywords, select the best 4 among them and make sure they are present (in the same order) in your title and meta tags. Put them also in your page as the first and the last present in the body content. Make them bold or italic if you feel so. This should help your ranking. Currently I am testing this strategy and I will let you know about the results.

So, the most important thing when creating a website, is to obtain links to let search engines know that you exist :) . SEs also have a submit feature in which you can directly submit to them your URL, but there are people saying that this will lead to a penalty on your rankings so to be sure don't do it. I don't need to directly submit my sites, but I get always ranked :) Try this Google Search to read about articles speaking about this.

Another nice thing you should do to improve your traffic is to have a constantly updated blog on your website. Looks like SEs love blogs, and index them often. Once you have updated your blog, ping it using services like Ping-O-Matic and Blog Flux Pinger. Those services will list your blog in their ping pages, which are constantly monitored by the major search engines.

This is all I had to say about this argument for today. If I will have updates about it (and I do have them sometimes), I will post about them here :)

If you have any indexing tip that you may share, comment about it and if worth and proved I will make it public! I love comments and I love helping people, so don't exhitate to contact me with a comment... also, if you like this blog, remember to link it. It is greatly appreciated :)


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