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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Making money on the net: what is Adsense

If you are a web publisher and you have many hits daily on your pages, you can monetize your traffic by putting advertisements. They can be static banners, dynamic banners, text links and so on. A new form of advertisement that lately had great success is the so called contestualized advertisement, such as Adsense.

Adsense is the Google Advertisement program, and consists in a little script you must add to your html code. Adsense has got some kind of crawler that will analyze your page, and will put on the chosen spot relevant ads that are relative to the content you are publishing on your site.

For example, if you have a website about mobile phones, Adsense will display relevant ads for instance about ringtones, spare parts and so on.

On Adsense you are paid for each click you have on your ads, but the click value is not constant. In fact advertisers place their bids, and Google will display the ads with the higher bids first. The price of an ad is up to the actual higher bid thus your commission depends on this. There are content keywords that will display high paying ads, and others that won't. Anyway, don't build your website just to rank for those high paying keywords. In fact most probably they will be highly competitive and if you are new to web publishing you won't make so much money from it.

My personal advice is to create a site for your public, writing original content and putting interest and value on your pages. When you have the traffic, the money will follow. If you have an already started website with ontopic content, just place your Adsense in a good way and you will see the cash flow!

There are many ways in which Adsense can be placed on your page. You can choose between different formats and you can set your favourite color palette. Regarding colours and style, there are 2 different opinions in the webmaster community. There are people that believe that you should put high visible colours to attract the attention of your reader. Others think the opposite saying that your ads must blend perfectly. I use this second philosophy: depending on the page I set the border and background to be the same of the one used in my page, and as text colour I use the same used on the content text.

Another important issue is to place your Adsense in a good spot. The following image is a hot spot map that Google advices to place the ads:

Google is speaking about Adsense on its optimization tips page that I think you should read carefully because it's the best guide you can find. Don't believe people selling you their ebooks on adsense, they are just trying to rip you off some money for informations that you can easily find for free on the net. I hope that with time this page will become a valuable information source :-) But it will take time, of course.

Mainly, this is all you need to know to start your Adsense campaign. To sign up to the program, you must already have a quality website running that you must submit to the Adsense team for their approval. Once approved, you can use your adsense code everywhere. Please take care of the Adsense Terms and Conditions , and follow them strictly. If you will get caught cheating in some way they will permanently ban you and your balance will be erased. Just be honest and you will see your results in a short matter of time, I proved it personally and now I can proudly say that :-D !

Another interesting way of tweaking adsense is to make the ad colour change on every refresh. This is done for example on Digital Point Forums (you can see the link on the right column), but I guess they do it with a script that randomly put a new script code on each refresh. In fact you cannot modify Adsense code in anyway, so this is the only way they could to it without infringing the rules.

Also, don't disregard the value of link ads. They are simple text links that you can put in different formats on every page. I use them on several pages and have great results with them, because they perfectly blend with the rest. Many people say that Adsense is working because it looks like regular content and people click there to seek for informations. As long as you follow their TOS you are ok with this ;) so just try to make your ads more natural as possible.

Every page has got its "perfect" ad. It means that in a page in which link ads work perfectly, maybe an ad unit won't, and viceversa. So you must experiment a bit and see what's the best combination for each page.

For now this is all I wanted to say about Adsense, I will add some more informations and advices in the future, when I will be a little bit more expert to talk about it :-)

Have a great day!


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