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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Use PPC Ads such as Google Adwords to build traffic

First of all I would like to excuse myself with my readers for the absence of those days. I have been busy with my studies so I wasn't able to post there. Will try to post again every day starting from now ;-)

Apart from this introduction, the main topic of today is PPC: Pay Per Click Advertising .

What is PPC About

Pay Per Click Advertisement is maybe the biggest business present in the Internet today. Millions of companies and websites relies on paid search engine rankings to promote their content and get traffic. This is for sure the most effective method to get targeted traffic to your page, but it has got a cost: in fact you pay for every visitor clicking your ad, and the most famous advertising places are expensive for this. You can pay from $0.05 to several dollars per visitor.. so this "game" is worth the price if you will have a return from it (the so called ROI, Return On Investment).

One way to make money from the Internet is to use PPC Engines, obtain targeted traffic and make it to buy products from your affiliates, from which you will get commissions.

In that way, the net revenue you will get will be the difference between of what you earned in commissions and what you spent in ads. The most difficult part of the game is to balance your daily budget, keyword bidding and several other factors. If you play with those factors without knownledge of what you are doing, you will simply lose money. And yes, you can lose serious money if you are not aware of what you are doing. If you want to conduct this way of marketing, you will have to constantly monitor your progresses and see what is winning and what is not. In that way you will be able to fastly recognise the sectors in which you are losing money consequently dropping a losing advertising campaign.

Let's go straight to a combo you can use. For example, you can join the Amazon Affiliate Program and promote their products over Google Adwords . I must warn you that Adwords is the most expensive PPC on the market, but it's also the most known and effective (its results go in the first page of Google search rankings ). You can also try cheaper PPC such as newly started ones (MSN AdCenter and Yahoo Publishing network I guess) to promote your products.

I would advice to be very synthetic on your advertisements, and always put the nominal price in order to avoid curiosity clicks (people who will click your ad just out of curiosity, but won't buy the product). Mention every bonus if any, such as free shipping or discount coupons. Conduct a search before publishing an ad and figure out if you have any competitor doing your same job.. and balance correctly the click price / daily budget in function of the ROI. Basically this is everything you need to know for this kind of marketing. I am currently doing this as an experiment, and will let you know my strategies and results once I have got the first resumes.


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