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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

What is SEO about

First of all let me introduce me since it's my first post in this brand new blog.

My name is Alessandro and I am based in Rome, Italy. I am known on many forum boards as falco85, mainly webmaster related boards.

I started my webmaster "career" on November 2005, so I am still fresh and I am currently learning about all this stuff. I created this blog to share my thoughts and what I know so far about this huge world, in which many persons dedicate their life, with some quitting their full time job to create content websites.

I will try to write there all I have learned and practised in these months: since November I have built up a few sites and made some money from this activity, so I touched by hand that yes you can make money on the web but it will take great effort to have real results!

Let's start with a brief article about what is SEO about.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It's the art of making a webpage rank high in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN (the most famous three). This is done with many techniques, that include the website page optimization (called onpage seo) and link building (offpage seo).

There are many ways in which SEO can be done. There are "legitimate" techniques that are part of white hat seo, and "tricky" ones (frowned upon the search engines) that go under the name of black hat seo. As far as I know both white and black hat seo have got success if implemented properly but black hat seo involves "cheating" to the search engines and building spam sites, so from my personal point of view is not recommendable. For now I have not investigated on black hat too much, but I am willing to do it soon to know in detail what it is about.

So for now, my future articles will be about white hat seo, with which I have reached my first satisfying results. Just to write a number, as an overall of my activity as webmaster I have made $500 from November (so in 2 months), spending like $200 to set up everything. I expect my earnings to increase in the future, putting more effort and using my increasing experience in the field.

Here there are the articles I will try to write on a daily base:
- Making money on the net: what is Adsense about
- Building content sites to create a revenue
- Make your site search engine friendly
- How a search engine will acknowledge of your site
- Check your server stats to optimize your traffic
- Use PPC Ads such as Google Adwords to build traffic
- Blog Revenues
- Affiliate Marketing
- Database Driven Websites

This is the planning for the next 9 days, I will post a new summary when those articles will be completed.

Hope you will like the idea :-) Comments are well appreciated


At 8:51 PM, Blogger HR45 said...

Thank you! I found your information helpful and have bookmarked it so I can return to your site when I am ready! I have read several books on blogging and have as a goal to set up my own blog, but I want to do this when I know I am able to commit the time it takes to write good content regularly and frequently! Keep up the good blogging! I'll be checking in!

At 1:25 PM, Blogger Falco85 said...

Hi, thank you for your comment :) it is greatly appreciated and yes I will continue blogging writing my thoughts everyday. Since I learn new things in the meantime, I will also post updates about previous arguments. Spread the work about this blog :)


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