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Thursday, April 20, 2006

What is SEO - three parts to it

  • getting the site mechanics correct = vBSEO
  • getting the onpage optimization correct = your work, plus help from vBSEO
  • getting links
Some facts:
  • Google takes TIME to get all the new links updated into its system
  • Google sometimes reverts back to a previous index, and so all your old url's come back
  • there will be less pages in Google because of vBSEO, not more. You currently have many url's for single pages. vBSEO makes one more powerful url for that one page.
  • you want the max number of SERP no. 1's, not the max number of pages in Google that rank 100th+
  • you HAVE to have good Google Page Ranking into your site ie lots of links, or a smaller number of powerful links
  • what is this misinformation about wanting to keep the archive version of the threads??? The archive version only ranks well because it has the best links to it, and until now, there has been so much duplicate content for the threads/different url's! The issue is that the archive is duplicate content with the main threads. So use the sitemap/archive to link to the actual threads, and onpage SEO the main threads better, and you will find the main threads will rank better than the archive pages ever did
  • your sitemap pages need PR as they are the quickest route to the threads - so have a footer link to each main archive page. I have numbered links ie 1, 2, 3, 4 ... with each linking to a main archive page. This gets the max Google PR to the sitemap pages, therefore best PR for the threads.
  • remember the formula for onpage SEO
    • keyphrase to the front of the title
    • keyphrase mentioned 2-3 times in the meta description of 150 characters for Google, then additional characters up to 200 for msn.
    • an

      tag which has a paragraph of "firstwords" immediately following

    • those "firstwords" having the same formula of the meta description with the repetition of the keyphrase, but can be a bit looser, can have other unique phrases in there that you are targetting for that page.
    • dont have "welcome guest" type phrases above the

      and firstwords - as these detract from what you want Google to know about the page. If you want a guest paragraph, have it below the above firstwords formula

The above are the basics of the work I contract to do with sites. While it is seemingly basic, many find it hard. Reread through the above a few times and apply to your sites. It has amazing results.


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