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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The real secrets to do well with Adsense and rank good in the search engines

Hi there,
I thought to write about my little, personal experience about content sites and how to make money with target advertising i.e. Adsense.

When I started my first aim was to make money, receive tons of visits by having millions of pages displayed, and reasoning like "what if I had 1 click on every page, say on the 10% of millions of pages, whatever the content is.. I would be rich!". This scheme was not working, my sites that I did in this way never worked and it was a failure.

The second approach was based on the philosophy "you won't make money if you won't spend money". So I started looking for software, tutorials, ebooks, whatever it could be sold on the net. And you know what? It was another failure. 99% of this stuff is pure crap, written by people like you and me that is ripping you off money to tell you things that you can learn and discover in the same way, just doing your homework and fair research. I am sure that there are valuable tools around there to make great money with Adsense, but I am not aware about them.

The third and last approach was the only one that granted me the first check from Google Adsense and since then I am growing and growing. Here's how I did.

First of all, you will need a radical change of mind. Yes, stop thinking to make money from your sites and to rank well in the search engines. Your first and only aim must be to build a quality site, with quality and original content. You will need to add real value to your pages, and make your visitors happy to have found you. When evaluating your pages, you must say to yourself "would I be happy to see such a page? would I find valuable and good information? would I come back here to find more?". Thus, you must think to your visitors. Stick in your mind that you must rank well in your visitors head, and not in the search engine rankings This is my golden rule.

Second, you must sit down, relax and think at what you are really good at. Noone is able to do everything in the world. In the same way, you won't be able to build your site from zero just with notepad. You will need scripts, a layout, and content. So, you must be a designer, a programmer, a writer, and last but not least an innovator. You must put innovations in your site and bring that original thing that nobody has. Obviously, unless you are a pure geek you cannot do this all by yourself. Hence, if you don't have friends or if you don't want to share your revenue with others, you must rely in external resources. And wait, hold on! I haven't told you to get your credit card yet. Most probably you will find all you need on the web, and that is mostly true.

If you don't know HTML or CSS, then it's time to start learning the basics. Find some good tutorials on the net ( and start practise. You won't need that skill to create pages. More probably, you will need this to do some minor edits and tweaks. Additional knowledge of basic PHP and mySQL is a plus. Make your own research on forums (DP is king for this ) ) and on google to learn. Remember this: with the proper research you will find everything for free, so think twice, 3 times, 4 times before paying for something you can find for free somewhere else.

Then, what about scripts. You can write them by yourself, or get free ones. is a good place where to start finding scripts.

Regarding content, you can write it by yourself if you are a good writer, otherwise look for free article sites around the net. As a plus, you can find someway to make someone write for you for free, for instance if you build a site of poems and ask people to submit their poems. This is just an idea, you will find yours by yourself!

For designs, if you are not a designer check . It is a free template repository where people will submit their own layout for free sharing. Take the one you like most and start using it: you will need those HTML and CSS basic skills to make your edits and customize the layout to your needs!

As a final note, learn some basic SEO to optimize your pages, but don't exceed overdoing it. Avoid things like keyword stuffing: remember to make your pages user friendly and that alt tags are for describing pictures, not putting keywords! Do your best to optimize your title tag, and your meta tags. Don't bother optimizing keywords for content: your content must be a quality one and you are not targetting any keyword. You are just writing fine and quality related content for your site. Period!

You will specialize on one of these fields, and for the rest you will look at the net. You can make some money in the field you are specialized by looking for freelancer jobs (for instance, or the DP marketplace, or other forums) for you to get hired, or whatever else comes into your mind.

This is what I am doing and it works wonders for me if you have further tips to share, you are welcome!